Following the publication of a list of the First 1000 men on 4th November 1914 the 1st Bradford Pals continued to recruit men directly into the Regiment.  The following is a list of men not shown on the Telegraph list but whose Regimental Numbers began with the pre-fix 16/.
We have yet to find information against some of the Regimental Numbers and there are various reasons why this would be the case. The most probable reasons are that the numbers were allocated but the men receiving them were discharged as unfit, transferred to other units or Commissioned between enlisting and the Battalions deployment to Egypt in December 1915.

The highest number found is 16/1748 which was allocated to Henry Ernest Sutcliffe a Master Tailor from Bingley who enlisted 18/11/1915 and was discharged 10/8/1917 due to a gun shot wound in his left arm received in France in April 1916.

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